Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fresh and new

I stood this morning and watched my 13 year old son go off to school. He loved the summer vacation and the leisure that came with it. He loved being able to play ball at the park with his friends and not have to worry about doing homework. But I know he was looking forward to going back to school. Not so much that he wanted to be in school, but there were the prospects of knowing who was going to be in his cluster this year. Who would be his teachers now he was going into 8th grade. He would get the chance to see some of his friends that he hadn't seen all summer long. He was wearing his new pants and shoes, an almost new book bag filled with new school supplies. He looked good. He had a new hair cut and he looked fresh.

I watched him walk off with his dad and I stood on the step and prayed for God to guide him through this new time of his school life. He was going back to his old school, but this was going to be a new and challenging time for him as this would be his last year in middle school.

While thinking of him again as I was on my way to work, I switched my thoughts to the newness and the freshness of it all. I thought of how everyday we get a chance to start anew and to start afresh with God. Everyday we wake up God is saying, come into my presence today since you didn't quite make it yesterday. The word says He gives us new and fresh mercies everyday. As good as yesterday's was, we are drenched from heaven with fresh mercies for a fresh day. Each day presents its own challenges so God knows we need a brand new touch from Him. The psalmist David invites us to seek God early in the morning because he discovered the benefits of starting a new day with God.

I want to encourage you as I encourage myself to value each new day that God gives you. Grab hold of the fresh opportunities He present to you every day. Areas that you have been holding on to, make a fresh commitment to turn them over to God. The old and the familiar is very comforting, but there's excitement in walking with God and giving Him all of you like you never have before.


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