Saturday, September 6, 2008

Walking together

With the threat of Hurricane Hanna hanging over our heads this morning, my husband and I thought we would take an early trek to the supermarket to get some much needed food. It appeared that while we slept Hanna paid us a visit, so it was pretty wet outside already. We were planning on taking the bus the short distance, but I felt I needed to find some umbrellas for our walk to and from the bus stop, since we had no idea if Hanna would go with us the store or if she would wait until we got back and then pay us another visit. I did some searching hoping to find two small umbrellas and while I looked I saw instead a fairly big one that we had standing in a corner. Instantly I thought, I want this one. Having this one meant we would be walking together, step by step. That is an accomplishment when you have a husband whose long strides always keep him walking slightly ahead of you.

Even though we ended up not using the umbrella, it gave me reason for thought. Thoughts that drifted toward the body of Christ. What if each of us did whatever it took so that we could always walk together? What if each of us did whatever we could to make sure there was unity? What if each of us did our part, in our marriages, or with our relatives, to create a sense of oneness? What if each of us took the initiative to walk away from strife and arguments, instead of having to have the last word, even if you are right, just for the sake of peace? What if instead of provoking our children we encourage them, nurture and correct them in love?

Hebrews 12:14 says, "Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord."

That verse says so much to me. It tells me I can't control what any one else does, nor can I control their responses to whatever happens, but I can make as much effort as possible to walk in unity with them. God will step in because of my effort and obedience to His word.

Lord, help me to obey the conditions you set out in your word, no matter what. Lord help me to be determined in creating an atmosphere of peace where ever I am. This I am able to do with the help of Your Holy Spirit and because your word says I can. In Jesus name. I thank you Lord.


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