Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lord, thank You

I thought I would share one of my poems today.

I wrote this poem some time ago when facing a trial. I started to look at my life wondering why I was going through some stuff over and over again.

Then I saw how God was shaping and forming me by my tests.

I started to see that since I didn't learn the lesson before, because He really wanted me to get it, He allowed me to face it again.

I cried when I wrote it and all I could say was 'Lord, thank You."

I hope and pray it blesses someone today, that you would look at what you are facing with new eyes. I pray someone who read this today would mount up with wings as eagles. Get above your circumstances, look down on them and see the work that God is doing in you.

Lord, thank You

Lord, thank You for my trials,
My tears, Lord, and my pain,
For they're the only reasons,
That so much I have gained.

Lord, thank You for every heartache,
And for each crushing blow,
That forced me to look deep inside,
And help me, Lord, to grow.

Lord, thank You for every midnight,
When darkness stretched so long,
Then the precious name of Jesus,
Became my one and only song.

Lord, thank You, for each promise,
You gave me through it all,
Your love became my cushion,
And a soft place I could fall.

Lord, thank you

©Vickie Thomas



Kelly said...

Vickie, I love your poem, I especially love the last two lines. He is truly our soft place we can fall. With my husband being on strike now for a month with Boeing, and no current paychecks coming in, I know God is showing me more and more that He really is our Provider...even if it's kind of a scary midnight time right now!
Blessings to you, and I hope your son is doing better too!

Blessed One said...

Vickie, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this poem, so full of heart and wisdom. There have been times I've had to ask Him to show me the lesson because on my own, I'm just not getting it. I'm so thankful that He is faithful to show me and patient with me while I get it. Bless you!

Terri Tiffany said...

Then the precious name of Jesus,
Became my one and only song.

This is my favorite line--oh how that is true in the midst of trials. Thank you for this--I have been through my share this past year and your poem is so true.

Yolanda said...

Beautiful, and praise His Name!


PS: How is that young man of yours?

Debra said...


How precious! Thank you for posting it. Blessings to you this evening, sweet sister. I pray your little guy is doing better.