Saturday, March 13, 2010

How are we representing?

A couple days ago my husband met an old friend of mine on his way to the gym and they had a short but very interesting conversation which he relayed to me by text. After her initial greetings and stuff about him and how I was doing and how long ago we/they had seen each other etc, he went on to tell her about a book of poetry I had published. He asked her if she wanted to get a copy and her response was, "I don't want any book that has anything to do with God". I thought that was very sad, but the question he asked me opened my eyes to the responsibility that's been given to us and how often we don't live up to it.
He asked me, "Why is it that so many people seem not to want anything to do with God?"

I know that there are those out there who have blamed God for everything. They look at all the wars and earthquakes and all the senseless ways that people lose their lives and they ignorantly blame God for all of it. People also carry a lot of deep-seated hurts from their own experiences and feel like God has forsaken them and many times they ask themselves why should I serve a God who wasn't there to rescue me when I needed Him?

However when I look into the Word of God I see a responsibility that we carry as christians but we drop it so often. Jesus once walked on this earth as 100% man and God. Now seated at God's right hand He can no longer be seen here on earth. So how do people know that He is still alive? How do people know that He cares? How do they know that He is mighty to save and strong to deliver?

The only way that they will know is through our lives.

Why would someone who is hurting not want a pain reliever?
Why would someone who is drowning not want a lifesaver?

We represent the Great Physician and the Life-Giver, but are we portraying Him as such? Do people see from our lives that Jesus is really the answer or are we so unsure ourselves that we dare not take the chance in case He doesn't come through. Are we taking the time to present Jesus the Comforter or are we just leaving them to draw their own conclusions based on their own religious outlook? Do they just see us as people who abstain from this and that or do they see a transformation in us that compells them to seek the Source of it?

Many times we say "Jesus is the Light of the world" so follow Him and that's true, He is the light of the world as He said in John 8:12. Do you also know what Jesus said?

 "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. You are light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven" (John 5:13-16).
Why is the world so turned off about Someone who turns us on? Are we really representing and presenting Him the way we should? We have been entrusted with the very Life of God inside of us. If we put our light on a stand that the world could see they would be drawn to IT not repulsed.
In a world of darkness why is our light so dim? Why are we so afraid to say and show that we represent not one of many answers for this world but the only real Answer?

I became friends with this young lady when we worked in the same area some 5/6 years ago and we kept in touch for a while. She had issues in her life that I knew about but I remembered she also had a family tragedy when her only brother was senselessly killed by a drunken man. He was in her home country and she was not able to even go say goodbye to him. She shut herself off for weeks and would not answer her phone. I remember at the time calling her and leaving a message saying how sorry I was about her loss and that I was praying for her. When I eventually got to talk to her I sympathized with her but I never took the time to present Jesus as the healing balm to the pain in her soul.

My friends' response could have come from a variety of places. It could have come out of her own internal issues or possibly it could have come out of that same tragedy, but the only way she could have reached out and taken what Jesus had to offer that she needed (even if she didn't know she needed it) was through me or through another christian.

How are we representing Christ? We are His ambassadors (2 Cor.5:20). Paul says it is as though God was making His appeal through us. He even went on to say we are God's co-workers. Are we doing our share of the job presenting Jesus as the answer to a fallen world? Am I telling my family about Christ even as I pray for them? Am I showing them what He is able to do with their lives by the fruit in mine?
It's easy to invite them to church or to a conference or to a concert and hope that they take that step of salvation. Its also easy to get caught up in our own lives and our own needs and desires that we forget what God really desires and that's to reconcile with man.

Jesus is no longer here on earth, but He sent His Holy Spirit to work in and through us to rescue a dying world. Will you purpose today to share more of Him so that others taste His goodness and smell His sweet aroma?
It's not easy but thankfully we are not called to do it on our own. He is there at the right Hand of the Father, interceeding for us even as His Holy Spirit enables us.

Thank You Jesus, for Your Holy Spirit. Thank You for being all that we need, for Your love, care and compassion. Lord help us not to be selfish or shy with your goodness, but may we boldly share what You have done and all that You are capable of doing. We pray for Your strength as we take this step of faith, in Jesus name. Amen



Mari said...

Vickie - this is a great post. If we Christians would do a better job of showing how we love each other and would show what Christ means to us, people would want more of that.
I have to admit to not saying things when I should have at because I worried about "offending" someone, however, if I showed Christ's love in a better way there would be no need. Thanks for this reminder, and I'm going to try to make a more conscious effort to work on this.

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

Thanks for some good reminders, Vickie. We are the only testimony of Jesus Christ most people will ever see.

Edie said...

Wonderful post! All too often we choose to blend in with the culture or with the crowd when we should look different, we should stand out as a light does and make a difference.

Kimberly said...

I truly do desire to have a life that leaves a good taste...a sweet and inviting taste of our Savior!

Thanks so much for your encouraging comments! Have a great week, sweet ambassador of Christ!


I found your profile on another blog I follow and I added myself to follow you.
You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.
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God Bless You, Ron

Faith Imagined said...

Great post! You have inspired me to reach out more! Thank you!

lioneagle said...

Greetings -

Thank you, Vickie.

Wonderful expressions of truth. You hit a bullseye!

We must be doers of the WORD of GOD - otherwise we are unprofitable.

And most importantly, without love, we are nothing.

Father please teach us to love progressively in ways that bring You joy, pleasure and delight.

Thank You, Lord, - Amen