Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WFW - Pieces From Proverbs

The Purpose of Proverbs
1These are the proverbs of Solomon, David's son, king of Israel.
2The purpose of these proverbs is to teach people wisdom and discipline, and to help them understand wise sayings. 3Through these proverbs, people will receive instruction in discipline, good conduct, and doing what is right, just, and fair. 4These proverbs will make the simpleminded clever. They will give knowledge and purpose to young people.
5Let those who are wise listen to these proverbs and become even wiser. And let those who understand receive guidance 6by exploring the depth of meaning in these proverbs, parables, wise sayings, and riddles.
7Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Only fools despise wisdom and discipline.  
 22"You simpletons!" she cries. "How long will you go on being simpleminded? How long will you mockers relish your mocking? How long will you fools fight the facts? 23Come here and listen to me! I'll pour out the spirit of wisdom upon you and make you wise. (Proverbs 1: 1-7, 22 & 23 NLT)

I so love the book of Proverbs. I am grateful to God that He didn't leave us here to fend for ourselves. I am thankful that God in His wisdom is willing to help us in any area that we ask of Him. The book of Proverbs as the first few verses so rightly stated has something for all of us. It is available for any human alive, any size, shape, age,color, race or height. The purpose is to teach all who is willing, wisdom, discipline and good conduct. If you are simple minded the wisdom of God will make you clever. If you are young you will gain knowledge and discover your purpose in life. If you are wise, adhering to the truths in this Book will make you even wiser. 

Only the fool would ignore the wisdom and discipline of the Lord.

 I have made so many mistakes in life by failing to apply God's truths and His wisdom appropriately. Over the weekend as my husband and I read and meditated on these verses, and saw the admonition in verse 22 & 23 we repented before God. We repented for remaining in a simple and foolish place many times when the wisdom of God was available to us. We repented of ignoring promptings from the Holy Spirit when we were about to undertake certain projects. We repented for being emotional so often in our decision making and never truly changing our way of thinking. 

The wisdom of God is available to each of us, all we need to do is ask. He is a generous and willing God. Why stumble around in the darkness when light is offered to us?  Let's take Him up on His offer. In verse 23 He says, "Come here and listen to me! I'll pour out the spirit of wisdom upon you and make you wise!" Isn't He a great, big, wonderful, awesome God? 

There are so many wonderful truths in the proverbs. It's not just a book with nice, cute sayings, it has very practical application for life. The quality of our lives can be enhanced greatly if we would hear and heed the cry of wisdom. I want to take a piece from proverbs as often as I can and hear what God is saying. For this month of June, I will challenge myself to write a daily piece from this wonderful book. Feel free to join me and share your thoughts. This is my birth month and what better way to celebrate advancing in age than by advancing in God's wisdom?

Have a great WFW. 

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Pat said...

I love the Proverbs, too, and there's one for each day of the month. You are so right; the book of Proverbs is good for every person, no matter what age, size, color or intellect. They are so rich with wisdom!

Yolanda said...


I join you, with a love and appreciation for the book of Proverbs. So much wisdom, and easily written to understand...God, I'm so thankful for this Book in Your Holy Writings.

Happy Birthday in the month of June!


Amydeanne said...

i'm a proverbs fan too!
Thanks for sharing your insight Vickie!
hugs & prayers

Terri Tiffany said...

I wish I had a parcel of all the wisdom in Proverbs:) SO this is your birth month? I pray each day is a blessing to you. You've already blessed me with your post and your encouraging words to me on mine. Thank you!