Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Now when He had left speaking, He said unto Simon, launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a drought. Luke 5:4

God is saying to me, "Vickie, it's time to let down your nets for a drought."
Along with some messages from my pastor for the past few weeks and what I have been hearing in my personal time with the Lord, I believe the time to launch is now.

There is a call on my life, confirmed by the Holy Spirit, to teach the Word of God. 

My pastor said something on Sunday that has stuck with me since then.  He said God directs our steps because He is drawn to movement.

I took a step and completed two years of Bible School..........still........I am at a standstill.
It is time for me to put away the excuses and get rid of the fear that has been holding me back. Even if I'm afraid I still have to launch out. He has not given me a spirit of fear but one of power and love.

He is calling me back to feverishly seeking Him through His word.

While seeking to know where to turn the Holy Spirit prompted me to focus on the books of Peter the apostle. Not really understanding why, I scanned the books a bit and then decided I would start at the beginning. I went into prayer and it was then I sensed God revealing to my heart about some work He wants to do there in regards to my marriage and my home.

God is so faithful in knowing just what we need. I thank Him for being mindful and looking out for me. What a shame to be launched out with heart baggage. I would soon need rescuing before He could use me to rescue others.

So I thank Him.

As I study His word there is a deep desire to memorize it so I can be more effective in my witness. This has led me not only to think of memorizing verses but to memorize each book. The more equipped I will be. I've asked God to clear my heart of any pride or anything that's not of Him as I do this for one reason only and that is to bring Him glory.

I looked up the word launch on www.dictionary.com and found a few meanings:
(1) to set afloat or send off....(2)to start.....(3)to throw....and (4) to go into action.

Whom He calls, He equips.

Launch me out into the deep Lord.

Send me Lord.

Souls need to be won into the Kingdom, the Body needs encouragement. I am ready, with the help of Your Holy Spirit, to go into action.

My hands, eyes, feet, mouth, heart and all of me are ready for launch.

My heart desires to join with those of like mind who yearn for a new level in Christ. As a body of believers we are more effective when we work together. Our gifts, talents and abilities do more damage to the kingdom of darkness when used together than when we do it alone.

Iron sharpeneth iron.

Will you join with me today for the sake of the gospel?



Terri Tiffany said...

It is good to read your posts again! I didn't know you were back on.

He said God directs our steps because He is drawn to movement.

This statement is new to me. I love it ad pray that I am moving so He can direct me. I need so badly to understand what He wants me to do and fear I will miss it. Blessings in your plan to move forward to preach the gospel!! You can do it!

Vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by Terri.

I understand the concept behind what my pastor said but I had never heard it quite like that before. However, you can believe it is true, because the Word says He directs our steps. So movement is key.

I pray His will for your life becomes clear to you. His word says not to be ignorant concerning His will (Eph 5:17). That tells me it should be our highest priority and not an afterthought or a by the way.
One other thing pastor said on Sunday. God's will is not lost. He wants us to know.

Praying for you