Friday, October 17, 2008

Probing the Proverbs

Over a year ago I started to take a good look at my life and was very very dissatisfied. I had been thinking for a while that God was not really answering my prayers, that some people that I had looked to for help failed and I wondered where was my life going. I wondered why my life wasn't as productive as it should be since the word alluded to the fact that life was supposed to have some kind of meaning.

In reflecting I found that I was actually to blame for my state in life at that present time. I found that my life then was a result of the choices I had made a while back. My finances weren't doing well, my family life was ok, nothing outstanding, my ministry was so-so, and God showed me that many of the choices I made often were not very wise choices. I really took a long hard look and I stopped and really listened to God when He spoke those things to my heart.

After God revealed to me that many of my life choices were made without much wisdom, I was led to study the book of Proverbs. Now I knew many verses from Proverbs and could quote them pretty easily. However I started this study with new enlightenment from the Holy Spirit. I was actually studying the book for the first time as opposed to just reading it. Time and time again when I didn't put aside time for the word, I would use the Proverbs as a daily read since it has 31 chapters.

This time however was different and with guidance and new understanding through The Spirit of Truth, my thought patterns and subsequently my life has been revolutionized. My biggest discovery in the study of the Proverbs was that it's not just wisdom as I often thought, but that it is godly wisdom. Huge difference. That's what I needed then and still need every day to follow after God.

My spirit is being drawn again and again to look into the Proverbs. I want to share some of what God revealed to me while I studied then and any new insights I gain as I walk through this wise book again. I hope you will come along with me and share what you have learnt or what might come to the surface even as you read some of the post. I hope to post on this series which I will call, "Probing the Proverbs" as often as possible and want to thank you for digging deeper into God's word with me.

I hope to post an introduction to the book sometime later today or at least over the weekend.


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